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From Our Beginnings in 2002

The “Toronto Mission” club team was established in 2002 by Kerreigh Ernst with Roy Rana as a program for young ball players out of the Yonge Street Mission in the heart Toronto’s Regent Park. The club evolved into the “Northern Kings” led by former Team Canada Captain Vidal Massiah carrying the same values and moral underpinnings that our founders implemented with that first Toronto Mission club team.”Our goal was to build an organization that would be known not only for developing elite basketball players, but also for developing their character and molding good citizens. These athletes would be provided with every opportunity to earn a basketball scholarship upon graduating from high school. Then they would be positioned to make a positive contribution to society” recalls Coach and Founder Kerreigh Ernst.

“I was 56 and a successful businessman and they were teenagers from economically disadvantaged homes and were considered “at-risk”. Many were being raised by single mothers or their extended family; living in a community adversely affected by a violent culture of drugs and gangs. In June 1998, I volunteered at a Drop‐In Centre at the Yonge Street Mission. The Centre reached out to the youth of Regent Park, one of Toronto’s most troubled neighbourhoods. Some of our boys were jailed. Tragically, others were shot. But they saw that we truly cared about them.”

In June of 2002, with the support of the Yonge Street Mission, the travel team was formed. We began working together with the Salvation Army, Regent Park Branch 614 in late 2009. We continued to serve the Regent Park area but also expanded to other communities such as Jane & Finch and Malvern.

The Yonge Street Mission has been very supportive of our transition and expansion and we continued with their sponsorship through the end of 2011. The growth of the Northern Kings has necessitated the search for new sponsorship, as we have now grown into KingNation with multiple youth basketball teams traveling throughout the United States. In these early days, over 60% of our team came from Regent Park. As the program became more popular throughout the GTA, other young men, also at-risk and similarly economically disadvantaged, approached us to try out for our teams.

Early members of KingNation found basketball success and life opportunities after developing their game in our program. Some examples include Keaton Cole from the Jane & Finch area joined KingNation and later went on to graduate in May 2012 with a degree from Western Carolina University and, Kyle Johnson who played four years at Long Island University, and now plays professionally overseas and is a member of the British Men’s National Team.



Executing The Vision

Vidal Massiah is the Executive Director of KingNation and the Northern Kings basketball program. He is also the founder of The Hoop Factory, the development component of our program where a large percentage of our players train. Vidal graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 2002 with a degree in marketing after playing four years of varsity basketball at the NCAA Division I level.

Vidal went on to be a two-time captain of the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team and spent seven years playing professional basketball around the world. Vidal’s role, in addition to off-season player training and development, is to act as a bridge between our athletes, their families, and the college coaches at all levels in the U.S. and Canada. Vidal uses his playing/coaching experience and to help build the type of student athletes that university coaches want to recruit, and then he helps parents and players make informed decisions throughout that recruiting and scholarship process.

Currently, the Northern Kings operate a full Academy program for the u10 through u15 age groups, which is a skill development based program for younger players to develop and prepare for elite competition in high school.

AAU traveling teams range from: U14, U15, U16, and U17. The AAU teams operate from April to July and travel to the United States to compete in elite level exposure tournaments. These showcase tournaments present opportunities for college recruiters to see our players in high level competition with the potential to earn coveted and valuable athletic scholarships. In the summer of 2011, the 16U team won Gold at the Fab 48 Tournament in Las Vegas NV, capturing its first championship at a major U.S. event, a great accomplishment for a Canadian team.