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We take pride in the effort, dedication and time we put into helping our athletes grow and develop, both as basketball players and as people. We work hard to help our athletes succeed both athletically and academically. Through our combination of skill development and exposure, we give our players the chance to make significant improvements as players while also providing exposure on a national platform across North America. Our goal is to help each athlete prepare for the next level, and we help all of our players find the right for them to continue their basketball careers and most importantly their education. Here are just a few success stories from players who have graduated from our program!


Basketball has shaped who I am as a person, a student, and an athlete. Starting at an early age, I know basketball was what I wanted to do. After years of developing as a player with the help of my friends, coaches, and loved ones, I was able to represent my community, my province, and my country on many different stages in the basketball world. When I was given the opportunity to play with the Northern Kings on the AAU circuit, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Before I joined the program, I did not hold any recruiting interest whatsoever from NCAA schools, and I was strongly considering staying in Canada to go to school. Luckily, Coach Vidal, Coach Steve, and Michael Simonetta all believe I had the potential to make my dream become a reality, and I trust that they would do all they could to help me towards my goal. After playing in tournaments in Pittsburgh, Georgia, Indiana, and Las Vegas, I had received over 40 NCAA Division 1 Scholarship offers, and I had no one else to thank but the Northern Kings. Coach Vidal and Coach Steve’s knowledge and passion of the game, and commitment to the program is like no other. I cannot thank them enough for the opportunities they have given me, and I will always be thankful to be apart of the Northern Kings Family!

– Corey Johnson, Harvard University


My time with the Northern Kings was one I’ll never forget. From the moment I met Coach Vidal and program manager Michael Simonetta, I knew this club would be a good fit. Coach Vi truly cares about the future of his kids, a rarity in the AAU circuit. Michael, Vidal and my other coaches gave me the opportunity to compete at the highest level AAU tournaments in front of hundreds of NCAA division 1 coaches. As a result of my time with the Northern Kings, I was able to accept a full scholarship to Appalachian State – a D1 school in North Carolina. The Northern Kings are a class organization and an even better support system, and I’m truly grateful for the relationships I maintain today and the opportunity to be apart of such a great program!

– Jake Babic, Appalachian State University


The Northern Kings played an integral part in turning my dreams into a reality. During my two year stint with the Kings on the AAU circuit, I was fortunate enough to showcase my talent in front of several Division 1 coaches. With the help of Coach Vidal, Mike Simonetta, Coach Karim, Coach Steve, and the rest of the organization, I was able to garner exposure which helped me earn a full Division 1 athletic scholarship. Through countless hours putting work in the gym and working on my game, to providing me with life changing opportunities, I can truly say the Northern Kings program has played a huge role in shaping me into the man I am today. I am forever grateful for being apart of something special.

– Kareem South, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi


Throughout my three years as a member of the Northern Kings, the coaches at NK helped me grow as a basketball player, but more importantly helped me grow as a person and ultimately achieve my goals. Working with Coach Vidal and Coach Steve helped me develop as a point guard and a leader. They spent hours in the gym with me, preparing me to be my best on the court and also helping me develop mentally. Through my time with the Kings, I became not only a better basketball player but also a better person. I am most appreciative of the dedication the coaching staff put into helping me achieve my goal of playing post-secondary basketball. Coach Mike Simonetta and Vidal helped me get on track academically, created highlight tapes for me, contacted coaches for me, and set up visits. This ultimately led to where I am now, as a student-athlete at Queen’s University. I can honestly say that being involved in the Northern Kings program significantly changed my life path and put me in a greater position to succeed both academically and athletically. I am truly grateful for all the Northern Kings Family has done for me.

– Sammy Ayisi, Queen’s University