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partner to create the animated series

“The True North Series, It’s the Sure Shot!”

The True North Series, It’s the Sure Shot! is a revolutionary approach to teaching children mathematics, grammar, and goodwill through a cast of ethnically diverse characters who hail from a variety of backgrounds. The kids are unmistakably urban, but avoid the caricature of “inner-city youth.” The unique talents and abilities these Northern Kings possess reflect each character’s distinct personality. Viewers will find a character they can relate to within The True North Series, both in design and personality.

Stories unfold in real-world locations relatable to the youth of today. Each episode focuses on a challenge faced by a principal character. Basic lessons for life, such as the importance of teamwork, are central to the series, but are never presented with a heavy-hand. Dialogue is punctuated and complemented by a range of musical styles woven within the story to form a well-written nursery rhyme.

This exciting journey casts True North ballers hitting the court at King Nation against players from around the globe. They’re supported by their coach, Vidal, who helps keep the team glued together.

The 1: point guard “Justice” Carr 6’1 (male).

The 2: shooting guard, “Juicy” Johnson 5’7 (female).

The 3: small forward, “Jazzy” Bryant 6’7 (male).

The 4: big forward “Chicago” Thompson 6’8 (male)

The 5: “Tank” Massiah 6’9 (male), the big man in the center.

The 6: Coming off the bench is Mia Kicks 5’9’(female)

We’ve aimed for True North to spark conversations between adults and children, bridging the gap between generations and capturing the imagination of its youth audience. The series is designed to educate and inspire — to be an entertaining source of interesting and meaningful stories that are both educational and fun, with logic and problem-solving skills woven into every episode.

Take a Sure Shot with King Nation and be a True King of the North!