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Player Development


For 15 years The Hoop Factory Development program has trained and developed some of the best players out of Canada. ( Tristan Thompson, Myck Kabongo being the biggest names of players who have participated in the program).

The program focuses on teaching fundamentals and basketball specific strength and conditioning, ensuring athletes are developing both as basketball players and as athletes.

This program is industry leading within Canada and has been featured on Canadian stations such as The score and on NBA Raptors TV Canada.

Player development is at the core of our program. We strongly believe that when working with young athletes we are obligated to constantly teach and reinforce fundamental skill. Our coaches dedicate a significant portion of each practice to working on fundamentals. In the offseason the majority of our athletes take advantage of training with Vidal Massiah at The Hoop Factory. The Hoop Factory plays a major role in ensuring our players spend the summer improving their games while still getting top level exposure.