Northern Kings Skill Enhancement Training

In this program we take rhythm and pace control to the next level with the introduction of our new 1st class curriculum. We’ll also be discovering the truths to becoming an explosive scorer within any system!

As a part of the Advanced Training Series we take the progressions adopted from AAU Preparation 2018 and push our limits with high-quality repetitions.

Northern Kings Skill Enhancement Training will feature:

• Finishing footwork
1. Euro Step
2. Hop Step
3. Misdirection pickup
4. Explosive takeoffs
5. Step through timing

• Dribble Pace
1. Heavy steps
2. Motion steps
3. Lifts
4. Inverted drops
5. Speed stop

• Efficient Shot Creating
1. Step backs
2. Shot timing
3. Drags
4. Controlled fades

No Dates Available Yet.